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Torchwood (Gwen Cooper, gen) - Ladies Fest 2011

Her Royal Majesty Freckles Queen of Scots posting in Ladies Fest 2011
User: ladies_fest (posted by fluffygremlin)
Date: 2011-11-10 08:03
Subject: Torchwood (Gwen Cooper, gen)
Security: Public
Tags:author: fluffygremlin, character: gwen cooper, fandom: torchwood
Title: If The Tutu Fits
Author: fuffygremlin
Rating/Warnings: None
Original Prompt: Gwen's supposed to be having a night off with Rhys, but the team keeps calling her to ask increasingly bizarre and frantic questions until she gives up and goes in to figure out what the hell is going on.Summary</b>: Gwen keeps snacks hidden in her desk. This really shouldn't surprise anyone.
Notes: Takes place post-Reset so I may have abused Zombie!Owen a bit. Also, I fail at having an appropriate icon.

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