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ladies_fest's Journal

Ladies Fest 2011
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Join us over at ladies_fest, where all the fandom ladies kick ass, take names, and don't let anyone stand in their way!
Prompting starts 17 September 2011!

Welcome! The mission of ladies_fest is to give all the kickass women in fandom their rightful place in the spotlight. All fandoms welcome! JOIN US!

Some housekeeping items:


1) Prompts and fics MUST be focused around one or more canon lady* character.

2) You must have your fic beta-read before posting.

3) This fest is about celebrating women in fandom - we aren't here to shame or bash. If we see anything like that in the prompts, we will be VERY CROSS with you. You will have exactly ONE CHANCE to check yourself and rewrite your prompt, and if you waste that, too fucking bad.

4) Be respectful of the other participants. If you think there's something hinky going on, contact a mod. DO NOT START SHIT IN THE COMMUNITY.

5) Have fun!

*This includes trans people! However, if you are writing a trans character, it must be a canon trans character - you can't write about Erik Lehnsherr's male-to-female experience, as much as that would fucking ROCK. Erm, remind the mods to prompt that during the next Queer Fest, okay?

Schedule of Events*

September 17-September 25: Prompting!

September 26-October 3: Claiming!

All of October: Writing!

November 1-November 12: Posting!

November 13-whenever: Open season! Go wild!

*If any of these dates need to change for whatever reason, the mods will post about it ASAP. We'll try to keep as much human error out of the equation as possible, BUT. You know how it is.